The University of Texas at Austin

Foreign Course Details
Title: Summer School: From Rome to Maastricht and Beyond: The History of the European Union  
UT Course Equivalent(s): EUS 319S  
Location of Instruction: UNIVERSITAET WUERZBURG  
Foreign Course Number: 04099940  
Languages of Instruction: English  
Sessions: Spring   Ask your advisor if other sessions are available
Sponsor: UT Austin - a University-wide Exchange (GEN)  
Registration Type: Exchange  
Application Code: 100005  
Approval Date: 11/19/2019  
Initial Semester: Spring 2019  
Valid through the end of: Spring 2024  
Credit weights for this class can vary between 2 U.S. and 3 U.S. credits (3 ECTS or 5 ECTS), depending on whether students submit a final essay.