The University of Texas at Austin

Foreign Course Details
Title: Marketing Management  
UT Course Equivalent(s): MKT 337  
Location of Instruction: SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY  
Title in Host Language: Marketing Management  
Languages of Instruction: English  
Sessions: Spring, Fall   Ask your advisor if other sessions are available
Sponsor: McCombs School of Business (BBA)  
Registration Type: Exchange  
Application Code: 150040  
Approval Date: 09/06/2019  
Initial Semester: Fall 2019  
Valid through the end of: Fall 2024  
This class is usually offered in the spring semester.This class is probably taught at a higher level than our MKT 337, so be careful.
This is required for local students,often fills up, and might not be possible to take. You can try to add it after arriving & talking with prof.