Education Abroad Budget


Costs listed below are estimated to assist you in your financial planning.

The University of Texas at Austin or the Program Provider reserves the right to adjust its fees in the event of significant change in exchange rates or other factors prior to the program start date. The actual cost of the program may vary slightly for students depending on tuition rate, unique charges and individual spending habits.

Tuition amounts listed typically use the undergraduate in-state Liberal Arts rate. To estimate your own costs, please include the appropriate tuition amount based on your college/school, residency status and classification.

Once admitted to the program, a specific budget will be prepared and transmitted to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid OSFA (as applicable and necessary) for each individual student.

Program Name: IES: VIENNA
Sponsor: IES - a UT Affiliate  
Session: Summer Whole  
Application Code: 220003
Application Fee: $75
Affiliated Studies Fee: $600
Program Fee: $7500
Airfare: $1400
Local Transportation: $200
Personal Items: $500
Medical & Insurance: $398
Passport: $158
Visa: $180
Total: $ 11,011
Last updated on 06/27/2024 03:21 PM