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UT Mechanical Engineering students may attend Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) for the spring semester and/or stay for a summer research internship. Shanghai is one of the easier cities in China to navigate for foreigners.

Founded in 1896, SJTU is one of the world's best universities with over 38,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Many UT engineering graduate students come from SJTU and many UT alumni live in Shanghai. The McCombs School of Business also exchanged students with SJTU.

ME courses guaranteed to be taught in English are Thermodynamics II, Engineering Materials, Heat Transfer and Heat Transfer Laboratory. Other courses may be offered. Mandarin language, company visits and volunteer work are also available.


Area(s) of Study

  • Chinese
  • Mechanical Engineering

Sponsored by Cockrell School of Engineering

Academic Information

China Spring Engineering Embedded Program (ME SJTU) offers Thermodynamics II, Engineering Materials, Heat Transfer and Heat Transfer Lab as well as Chinese Language/Culture. Flexibility is required if other courses in English are desired for Career Gateway Electives. Industry visits and Extracurricular/Volunteer activities.


UT Engineering Prof.Thomas Connolly teaches a required online course for engineering exchange students: ES 177, Cultural Analysis for Global Professionals. It carries the Global Cultures Flag. Prior to his academic career, he worked with NASA and the B2 Stealth Bomber. He loves teaching this course. He also teaches Dynamics abroad.

Language(s) of Instruction

English and Chinese


Service Learning/Internship

  • Service Learning - No
  • Internship - Yes


student dormitories

Open To

Cockrell School of Engineering

Program Cost

$75 application fee, $500 exchange fee, plus flat rate semester UT tuition and fees and $19 per week for mandatory UT abroad health insurance. Additional costs payable to providers include US $3000 for housing/meals plus passport/visa, air transportation to and from China and daily city transportation.

Program Dates:

- Spring
  • January 4, 2019 to June 28, 2019
  • Final Deadline: October 1, 2018

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Additional Resources

Next Step

Email, your UTEID to request an advising appointment an and to be authorized to apply online.

Program information above is subject to change