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One of the four oldest universities in Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), located in the Da'an District of Taipei City, was founded in 1922 and initially dedicated to teacher education. It has since grown to offer study and research in a wide variety of fields, notably education and training, library and information management, linguistics, sports-related subjects, performing arts, and modern languages. NTNU's Mandarin Training Center is internationally renowned. The current NTNU president received their PhD in (computer) science education from The University of Texas at Austin. The Shida Night Market, next to NTNU is open nightly and has vendors selling local street food, clothing, and other items.

**2024 dates are estimated based on 2023.**


Area(s) of Study

  • Chinese

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Academic Information

Students can take regular undergraduate and graduate courses in all subjects (some require lecturer permission) with local students and Mandarin Chinese language classes. There is no prior language requirement as a wide selection of courses is taught in English.


Students must enroll in the equivalent of 12 UT hours of coursework per semester while at National Taiwan University. Please check My Credit Abroad database for courses that have been previously evaluated. If courses are not listed, please work with your Program Coordinator to get courses pre-approved.

Language(s) of Instruction

English, Chinese, and Mandarin


Service Learning/Internship

  • Service Learning - No
  • Internship - No


Students can apply to stay in a dormitory, however students accommodations in the dorm. 4-person dorms rooms have beds, desks, and closets. Share spaced includes toilets, showers, laundry, and lounge. Rent in Taipei typically costs less than Austin. Apartments with kitchens are not common in Taipei.

Open To

Students from all colleges and schools

Program Cost

Students pay a $75 non-refundable application fee and regular UT tuition, and are responsible for airfare, passport/visa, housing, food, local transportation, and other costs of living. Students are required to purchase international health insurance. Financial aid and scholarships may be used.


- Spring
  • Program: February 19, 2024 to June 14, 2024
  • Instructional: February 19, 2024 to June 14, 2024
  • Final Deadline: October 10, 2023
- Fall
  • Program: August 30, 2024 to December 21, 2024
  • Instructional: September 9, 2024 to December 19, 2024

Application Code


Program Coordinator

Briana Gina Arenas

Additional Resources

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Next Step

1) View mandatory advising video Explore: Education Abroad 101. Attend a live Q&A if you have questions. 2) View Ready to Apply video. 3) Self-authorize your application via the Get Started link below and apply! Videos and Q&A events found here:

Program information above is subject to change