Incident Notification

All incidents on UT Austin campus are entered into a secure database via this notification form. The incidents are tracked and investigated by UT safety professionals so that preventative measures can be implemented. Notifications may be submitted anonymously and if you provide contact information, you will only be contacted if additional information is required.

Notifications entered below DO NOT count as part of emergency communications to triage the incident while it's still happening. Notifications into this database should only be submitted after the emergency has been addressed and there is no immediate threat to life or health.

Order of operations for fire, serious injury, or immediate threat to life or health:
  • Dial 911 to speak with UTPD to dispatch emergency services.
  • Contact supervisor, adjacent occupants, and building manager.
  • Dial 512-471-3511 during business hours to speak with EHS. After hours, EHS on-call personnel will be contacted by UTPD dispatcher.
  • Once all the above is satisfied, submit notification using the form below.

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If this is a workers compensation claim, contact your supervisor within 24 hours to complete additional paperwork.