Residence Life Info Channel - Program Advertisement Request

This is a new form, you no longer need to send your image in a new email. Please include them below.

The Residence Life Info Channel is available for University Housing and Dining staff members, residence hall councils, colleges, university departments and registered student organizations for advertising purposes. Postings may not violate state or federal law, or university regulations, including solicitation.

You may design your own advertisement and submit it through this form. Advertisements should:

  • Be 1080 pixels high by 1920 pixels wide, or similar
  • Use a horizontal page orientation
  • Use a font size no smaller than 20 pt
  • Include an official university logo or URL
  • Image Files (JPG or PNG image files required)
Please be aware that each advertisement will be on screen for 8 seconds, so plan accordingly. Advertisements that are very heavy on text are not advised, as most cannot be read in an 8 second time frame.

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Maximum length that advertisement will be posted:
Student organizations? 2 weeks
Colleges/Departments? 1 semester

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