Send your student Bevo Pay as a gift!

You can use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card to purchase Bevo Pay for your student. The amount you purchase will be added to your student's <<<<<<< HEAD Bevo Pay account. ======= Bevo Pay account. >>>>>>> 1b991dbb219ee6e10858bbc81bf0e23de012c756 You can have an email containing your name, amount of the gift, and a message sent to your student. You can also create a printable gift certificate to give to the student. See Delivery Options below.

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Delivery Options : If you choose the email option, we will use the student's current email address
on file at the University of Texas at Austin.

Have Bevo Pay send a Gift Certificate email to the student (see sample).
Have Bevo Pay create a printable Gift Certificate that you can give to the student (see sample).

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