Brazos Garage (BRG)

Location: 210 E. MLK Blvd.
Phone: (512) 471-6126

Brazos Garage

Parking Options

Hours of Operation

Garage: 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Office: Monday through Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Office located on level G just south of the elevators

Height Restrictions

8′2″ on Level 1; 7′2″ on remaining floors

How to Pay

Payment is made at the completion of your visit by taking your entry ticket to the garage office, pay stations, or automated pay machines at select exits. If using an automated pay machine at the exit, insert the ticket into the machine, stripe up and to the right. The gate will open once payment is processed. If paying at the garage office or pay station, you will receive a receipt and the ticket back. Return to your vehicle and drive to the exit, where you will insert the ticket into the rectangular yellow ticket reader, stripe up and to the right, to open the gate.

How to Use Permit to Access Garage

Card Reader 1

Card Reader 1

The first machine is the Card Reader Column. As you pull forward, the screen will go from a blank screen to having "Access Only" displayed. When this is displayed, place your permit bar code or the QR code on your smart phone under the scanner. The Image will say “Waiting” and then change to “Proceed” and the gate will go up.

Notice: You can use either the barcode or the QR code on your phone to enter or exit the garage. However, the system will only allow you to have one vehicle in the garage so you cannot scan the barcode on your permit to get into the garage and then try to scan the QR code on your smart phone to enter. You must leave using either credential before another car can enter the garage.