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Sept. 9, 2018

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week: Don’t walk home alone. UTPD wants you to make it home safely, and encourages students, staff, and faculty to always walk in groups or pairs.
Call SURE Walk at 512-232-WALK (9255) and volunteers will meet you anywhere on campus and escort you to your destination.

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus criminal activity reported to or observed by The University of Texas At Austin Police Department Patrol Officers between Sunday 9/2/18 and Saturday 09/08/18.

09/03/2018, at 3:40 p.m., 2501 Whitis Ave (Carothers Dormitory)

Possession of Marijuana; UTPD was dispatched to a report of a smell of marijuana in the Carothers Dormitory. When officers arrived, they spoke to a student who gave a credible account of where marijuana was stored in a different student’s closet. That student was called, and when she arrived at her room, she admitted she did indeed possess a marijuana pipe and a bag of marijuana. Due to her honesty and candor, and lack of any involvement with UTPD in the past, no criminal charges were filed. The contraband was seized and the incident was referred to University Housing and Dining. Please remember your agreements with your residence halls, and remember that honesty can work in your favor with UTPD.

09/06/2018, at 12:46 a.m., 4300 Guadalupe St.

Driving While License Invalid; While patrolling the intramural fields, a UTPD officer observed a vehicle driving through traffic with its high-beams on, in violation of the Texas Transportation Code. The driver claimed his driver’s license was at home, but a computer inquiry found that the driver had ten active suspensions on driver’s license, and he also did not have car insurance. The driver was arrested for Driving While License Invalid, with an enhancement for his previous convictions for the same offense. The car was impounded, and the driver was transported to Travis County Jail.

09/08/2018, at 7:45 p.m., 2200 Robert Dedman Blvd (DKR Stadium)

Public Intoxication; During the UT vs Tulsa football game, UTPD received numerous reports of a woman in a purple cheerleader outfit causing many disruptions to other patrons enjoying the football game. When officers asked the young lady for her identification, she handed over her credit card, and appeared to be very confused, intoxicated, and belligerent. She would not tell officers how much alcohol she had consumed. Officers were able to locate three sober adults, friends of the intoxicated woman, who agreed to take responsibility for the intoxicated woman, and she was ejected from the facility, and released to get home safely.

*The University of Texas Police Department responded to 808 calls for service. 325 Alarm Activations, 26 Suspicious Activity Investigations, 101 Foot Patrols, 71 Traffic Violations, and 7 Welfare Concerns between Sunday 09/02/18 and Saturday 09/08/18.

This week's Campus Watch was prepared by: Officer Dustin Farahnak.

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