Lost and Found

If you’ve lost something, please report it using our form below. You may report lost items by telephone, but will receive a swifter response reporting online. Please be detailed in describing the item you have lost so we can tell your keys, for example, from the 30 other sets of keys turned in each month. Details that are helpful include: brand name, color, size, shape, model number, quantity, material (leather, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), size, special features, tags or labels, etc.

ID Cards

- UT Departments are requested to send all UT ID cards directly to the ID Center at FAC Room 101A, Stop G9805, and NOT to UTPD.
- If you lost your ID card, please contact the ID Center at 512-471-4334 or deactivate it online (EID required).

Claiming Lost Items

- Pick-up by appointment only. - Call 512-232-9619 to schedule or email utpd-property-specialists@austin.utexas.edu
- Monday - Friday 8:00AM-3:30PM
- Valid photo ID required (e.g., DPS ID card, UT ID, Texas Driver’s License, official Passport). Property will not be released to anyone without an ID.
- Items not accepted: clothing, including coats and jackets. Food and drink containers are usually discarded. Items that present a sanitation risk (soiled) are also discarded.
- Unclaimed items maintained for 60 days before disposition. All other unclaimed items are held for auction. For auction information, please contact Surplus Property at 512-471-7889. Data sensitive materials are destroyed if unclaimed.

Items maintained in Lost and Found

- Books, notebooks, and planners
- Sunglasses, prescription eyewear
- Cell phones
- Books
- Keys
- Jewelry
- Backpacks
- Radios, Walkmans, MP3 players
- Sports equipment
- Computer equipment
- Other miscellaneous items

UT staff members who need to schedule a pick up should call UTPD Dispatch at 512-471-4441. Items turned in must be accompanied by a transport list (PDF) providing your name, date, the name of your department or building, and a brief, general list of items turned in. Because UTPD does not take clothing items, you may wish to call the Salvation Army or similar organization for pick up.