School of Human Ecology - Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Application Period for the next academic school year:

Jan. 29, 2018 - May 4, 2018

Undergraduate students majoring in the School of Human Ecology are eligible to apply for departmental scholarships in Human Ecology (HE), Nutritional Sciences (NTR), Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS), Textiles and Apparel (TXA), and Public Health (PBH).

All parts of the scholarship application must be completed. The School of Human Ecology Scholarship Committee will determine the eligibility of the application, so it is very important to include all information requested. Correspondence regarding awarded scholarships will be through your official UT email address. Go to to make sure your preferred email address is on file.

Please read the instructions carefully before completing this application.  The application will take from 10 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your preparation.

Listed below are the major sections of the application and the information you will be asked to provide:
  • Personal Information -  This section asks you to review your contact information and academic record and verify that it is accurate.
  • Academic Information -  In this section, you will be asked to supply details about your education, including expected graduation date and whether you are enrolled in a college or university other than UT.
  • Financial Information -  This section includes information about your marital status, your dependents, your yearly income, the yearly income of your spouse, and/or the yearly income of your parents.
  • Recommendations -  This section will allow you to email two people asking for letters of recommendation. Be sure to check whether or not you retain or waive rights to access the recommendation.
  • Resume -  Here you will be able to upload your two-page professional resume.
Please note: this application is only available to current School of Human Ecology students.

Notification of Use

By submitting this application online, you give the scholarship committee permission to:

  1. Verify your ...
    1. Expected graduation date
    2. Major
    3. Student classification
    4. Anticipated course loads
  2. Access UT records to obtain your ...
    1. UT Transcripts
    2. UT Scholarship History (e.g. past awards received)
    3. Financial Aid Eligibility (based on FAFSA records)

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