University of Texas - School of Nursing Admission Procedures

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Admission to The University of Texas at Austin and to the School of Nursing are two separate application processes. Contact the Office of Admissions by writing to the Office of Admissions, UT- Austin, Main Building, Room 7, Austin, TX 78712 or go to the Office of Admissions' web site. Important: Applicants must be formally admitted to The University of Texas at Austin for the semester they intend to begin upper-division nursing courses, meeting all University deadlines as published in the University of Texas at Austin General Information.

How to Apply to the School of Nursing

At the time of application, students must be enrolled in or have completed all prerequisite course requirements. (If there is an intervening summer session, as is the case with spring applicants for the fall semester, courses can be completed in the summer). All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the beginning of the Junior 1 first semester in the Professional Sequence.

To apply for admission to the School of Nursing, submit the following by the appropriate deadline directly to the Student Affairs Office, Undergraduate Admissions, UT Austin School of Nursing, 1710 Red River, Austin, TX 78701:

  1. Completed School of Nursing application, including personal essay (see Directions on Application)
  2. The $50 application fee in a check or money order made payable to The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing (UTASN)
  3. SEPARATE and OFFICIAL transcripts from each college/university you have attended other than UT-Austin (the School of Nursing does not require UT-Austin transcripts; individuals with prerequisite grade point averages exceeding the minimum 2.75 will receive more favorable consideration)
  4. An official high school transcript (only if your foreign language requirement was satisfied in high school)
  5. Three (3) letters of reference - see the Upper-Division Reference Forms (PDF - To view PDF file, download Adobe Reader).These references must come from instructors and/or employers.

Application Deadline for Fall Admission is February 15.
Application Deadline for Spring Admission is September 15.

Applicants will be notified of admission decisions prior to registration.

Notice Concerning Your Information

The Texas Public Information Act, with a few exceptions, gives you the right to be informed about the information that The University of Texas at Austin collects about you. It also gives you the right to request a copy of that information and to have the University correct any of that information that is wrong. You may request to receive and review any of that information, or request corrections to it, by contacting the University's Public Information Officer, Office of Financial Affairs, P.O. Box 8179, Austin, Texas, 78713 (email:

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