School of Nursing (SON) - Online Scholarship Application

Application Period for the next school year:

The deadline for the current application period has passed

The application was closed on March 19, 2024

Students Eligible to Apply

Only students who are (1) enrolled in the School of Nursing, (2) admitted to the School of Nursing, or (3) invited by the School of Nursing to apply may apply for the School of Nursing scholarships.


Depending on your preparation, you should expect to invest from 30 minutes to a few hours to complete the scholarship application. Before you start, carefully read the scholarship instructions.

The major sections of the application will make the following inquiries:
  • Personal Information.  This section will ask you to review your contact information and academic record and to verify its accuracy.
  • Academic Information.  This section will ask you to share your education information, including your expected graduation date.
  • Personal Checklist.  This section will ask you to share your demographic information and your career interests. The questions in this section were derived from the criteria of available scholarships; responses to them are used to match applicants with the appropriate scholarships.
  • Leadership.  This section will require a resume upload detailing leadership experiences and accomplishments achieved in roles held in any organizations, clubs, or extracurricular activities that you were involved in during your nursing student journey and/or college career.

    Resume Excerpt Sample:

    FIG Mentor, August 20XX and August 20XX
    First Year Interest Group Leader
    School of Nursing | University of Texas at Austin
    • Served as a leader/mentor for a group of first year School of Nursing students
    • Facilitated discussions and group activities
    • Mentored 20-30 students, and advised them on their transition to college life
  • Financial Information.  This section will ask you for your marital status; your dependents; and your annual income (including your spouse’s and your parent’s income if applicable).
  • Essay.  This section will require you to submit a personal statement on why you believe that you deserve a scholarship. Your statement should not be the same as your personal statement for admission into the SON.

The system on which the UT application form resides will expire and log the user out if the statement is not submitted in a certain period of time. This will result in the loss of your statement before you are able to submit the full application. Prior to submitting your personal statement, we highly recommend you write it using your word processing software. After completing your writing and editing, you should then transfer your statement to the UT application form.

The Importance of Establishing Financial Need

Many SON scholarships have a financial need requirement. If you wish for the SON to consider you for scholarships based on financial need, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can find the FAFSA application on the UT Student Financial Services web site:

Please Note: If you receive a scholarship from the SON and financial aid from the UT Student Financial Services Office, your financial aid package will be adjusted. Please see the following link for more information on how scholarships affect financial aid:

Notification of Decisions

Scholarship decisions will go out in the form of an e-mail notification. E-mail is the official mode of correspondence at UT. You should use MyUT to ensure that UT has your most updated e-mail address. Scholarship notifications may contain deadlines; and, if you fail to meet a deadline, funds initially awarded to you will be awarded to an alternate scholarship candidate.

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