Longhorn Fixed Tuition

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Compare Longhorn Fixed Tuition and Traditional Tuition Rates

The rates displayed on this page represent the estimated tuition for a student taking 12 or more hours during the selected semester. These rates are subject to change and do not include room, board, course materials, or fees related to participating in academic programs.

Longhorn Fixed Tuition enables students in the same incoming class (cohort) to pay a fixed tuition rate depending on the college and number of hours enrolled for four consecutive academic years, whereas traditional flat rate tuition rates may, but do not always, change each academic year. Longhorn Fixed Tuition is intended to eliminate uncertainty about future tuition increases, allowing students to more accurately prepare an educational budget. There is no guarantee that students will realize any tuition savings by electing to participate in Longhorn Fixed Tuition instead of traditional flat rate tuition.

Longhorn Fixed Tuition rates are higher than traditional tuition rates because they are based on the projected average of flat rate tuition over the next four years.

Contact Student Accounts Receivable at tuition@austin.utexas.edu if you have any questions.

For more information about tuition rates at The University of Texas at Austin, see Tuition Dollars & Sense. For historical tuition rates see Traditional Tuition and Longhorn Fixed Tuition. To participate in Longhorn Fixed Tuition, you must enroll via the Longhorn Fixed Tuition enrollment page.