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Attention: Transition to an updated My UT Benefits Experience

The following campuses have begun the transition to an updated My UT Benefits experience on a new platform:

  • UT Dallas
  • UT MD Anderson
  • UT Medical Branch Galveston
  • UT Health Center Tyler
  • UT Health Science Center Houston
  • UT Health Science Center San Antonio

New login links for the campuses listed above ONLY:

NEW My UT Benefits for Employees (campus listed above ONLY)
NEW My UT Benefits for Retirees (campus listed above ONLY)

General information for all transition campuses can be found here. If you experience any issues, please contact your Campus Benefits Office.

Attention: Initial Enrollment for New Employees

Initial Enrollment for New Employees is now online! My UT Benefits allows new employees to add eligible dependents, make benefit elections, and choose their effective date of coverage. New employees have a 31 day enrollment period which begins on their employment start date. Elections MUST be completed before midnight CT on the 31st day of employment.

Initial Enrollment has been implemented for the following campuses:

  • UT System Administration
  • UT Austin
  • UT Permian Basin
  • UT San Antonio
  • UT Rio Grande Valley
  • UT Tyler

My UT Benefits for Current Employees and Retirees.

My UT Benefits allows all current employees and retirees to change benefit elections and add, update, or remove eligible dependents during the Annual Enrollment (July 15 - July 31) period. Annual Enrollment elections will become effective on September 1st. Employees and retirees should contact their local Benefits Office to make changes at any other time during the plan year.

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  • Add or change your life insurance beneficiaries
  • Access your benefit plan details
  • Change your enrollment preferences
  • View your dependents
  • View your employer contribution and employee out-of-pocket premium amounts


Living Well Health Platform

Wellness. Find Your Way.

The University of Texas System Living Well: Make it a Priority Worksite Health & Wellness program was established to encourage all employees, retirees, and dependents to reach their potential and maintain the productivity necessary to meet the challenges of work and life. Our Living Well program goal is to enable you to take charge of your health by developing your own personal wellness program, using resources available through the Office of Employee Benefits and your UT institution. For more details please visit our website at or email us at


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