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Transition to College Mathematics Student In-Class Activities
Transition to College Mathematics Student In-Class Activities

Printed Book

The Transition to College Mathematics course materials are designed to develop students' quantitative and algebraic reasonin abilities, thus preparing them for college success in multiple mathematics pathways.

The materials, supporting a full yea of instruction, address topics needed to prepare students for success in college mathematics. Mathematical topics include numer with an emphasis on estimation and fluency with large numbers; manipulating and evaluating expressions and formulas, to include area, perimeter, and volume, as well as spreadsheet formulas; rat ratios, and proportions; percentages; probability; linear equatio and inequalities; linear systems; exponential, quadratic, rationa and square root models, including equations; data interpretations including graphs and tables; verbal, algebraic, and graphical interpretations of functions.

If you are interested in the professional development institute, email us at dana- k12@austin.utexas.edu to inquire about upcoming sessions.

Note: The full Transition to College Mathematics course is available by subscription from Agile Mind. This subscription includes all of the materials found here in the Student In-Class Materials Book. However, if you would like a bound, printed copy this book to accompany your Agile Mind subscription you may orde one here. It is not recommended that you purchase this book witho first having the full course from Agile Mind.


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