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Yoga FIT - UT Students Only
Yoga FIT - UT Students Only

A 6-week yoga class held at Bellmont Hall/Zoom
This yoga class is designed to help improve your flexibility, increase your core strength and help you relieve stress.

45 min Classes

All Level Classes:

- M/W at 12pm - ZOOM ONLY
- Fridays at 12:15pm with Ashlyn - ZOOM ONLY
- Thursdays at 11:15am with Kaila - In-Person or ZOOM

Sessions begin on October 10th and end November 18th.

You may choose to do Zoom or come in-person.

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M 12pm - Zoom Only W 12pm - Zoom Only Th 11:15am F 12:15pm - Zoom Only

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Zoom In-Person Both

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